To continuously improve

the skilled workforce,

to respect and support employees, as well as the

local community,

both environmentally

and socially.



Crichie Engineering is committed to offering a quality product, reputation, accuracy, reliability and speed.

Our values as a business will always be built on our collective commitment to safety.



To achieve our objectives, Crichie Engineering has established a quality system which covers all aspects of our design and manufacturing processes.

Our design service includes a solid modelling package, this enables us to create complex 3D models to our customers exacting specifications.


Crichie Engineering designs and manufactures jigs, fixtures, and specialise in prototypes from most types of materials.

We work closely with our customers. We communicate accordingly from design through to completion to ensure our products meet exacting specifications. This approach enables us to hit tight lead times every time.



David Goodwin MIMechE is a highly experienced senior engineering professional, with a proven track record of success across a wide range of market sectors.

David Goodwin possesses the ability to provide strategic planning, mechanical and diagnostic engineering operational management control skills to consistently improve business-critical machinery, equipment performance, streamline machine operations and maximise output.

To offer manufacturer's prompt and reliable sub-contracting services providing a wide range of mechanical components,

from design through

to manufacture of the highest quality using the latest technology.

To offer a reliable,

fast and respected, source of bespoke assemblies to oil & gas, agriculture, fisheries and associated industries.

To work with employees, suppliers and customers at all times for our

mutual benefit.

David Goodwin is part of the institution of Mechanical Engineers Eng/Tech MIMechE.


He is a Engineering Council UK registered Eng/Tech, with a B/Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with Materials.

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